Mcq on muscle physiology

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MCQ on muscle physiology

01.Which of the following are true
a) Aα -pain sensory
b) Aγ-give motor supply to the muscle spindle
c) Ia –motor supply to the extrafusal fibres
d) Ib – sensory to golgi tendon organ
e) C- faster conduction velocity

02. Acetyle choline  is neurotransmitter ata) Pregaglionic sympathetic ending
b) Post gaglionic neuron of cardiac muscle
c) Post gaglionic neuron of sweat glands
d) Post gaglionic neuron of adrenal medulla
e) Neuromuscular junction at skeletal muscle03. Which of the following is/are competitive blocker(s) of neuromuscular junction?

a). D – tubocurarine
b). Neostigmine
c). Botulinum toxin
d). Nicotine
e). Methacholine

04. Which of the following is/are applicable to skeletal muscles?

a). Shows no plateau phase in the action potential
b). Can be tetanized
c). Spontaneous depolarization does not take place
d). Does not have intercalated discs
e). All of above04. Which of the following does not bring about its action on the neuromuscular junction by blocking Acetylcholine receptors?a). Non depolarizing muscle relaxant
b). Depolarizing muscle relaxant
c). Alpha bungarotoxin
d). Botulinum toxin
e). Antibodies in myasthenia gravis

05.Contractile protein in skeletal muscle include,


06.Which of the following is/are true about the membrane ATPase ?

a)It is electrogenic
b)It can be inhibited by cardiac glycoside
c)Do not contribute to the resting membrane potential
d)Maintain a low Na+ concentration inside the cell
e)It is universally present in all living cells

07.Severe diabetic mellitus patient have demyelination of nerves.Which of the following can be seen in the nerves ?

a)Low amplitude action potential
b)Reduction of conduction velocity
c)Increase in the effective membrane resistance
d)Reduction in the nerve diameter
e)Failure of conduction of nerve impulse

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